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Clock – time telling

Today i’ll be “Reviewing” Clocks about time telling



The great thing about clocks is that it tells time , keeps u on time also keeps you on track, ensures/remind you that u do not miss out on something when you see the time.

This clock runs on battery and its easily accessible from the back of it. So in the event of the clock not moving it will be easy to start it back up again.


I feel that the creativity here is how the 1st person who designed a clock like that , made use of gear-mechanism and simple wiring to a energy souce(in this case the battery) and it would keep the clock ticking



Clocks have came a long way , from using shadows to tell time , then needles(like the one above) and the digital clocks many designers have came up with other fancy ways to decipher time too

Portable Speakers


There are a few points to note for the integrity of this pair of speakers, the 1st one is that it is portable , one could bring it anywhere when they go outdoors or even travel to another country.

The next one is that they do not need a power socket to power them, it runs on the device you connect it to.



As you may have noticed the speakers can be extended (look at the right speaker) and compressed (the left one) when compressed it is to allow user to use up lesser storage space in their bag or even pockets.


Quality / Reflection

I’ve actually tested this pair of speakers at a local audio store at causeway point. The sould quality putput is nowhere near compared to a real pair of speakers but that can’t be helped after all it is self-powered from the device you connect to. But these pair of speakers are DEFINITELY light and SMALL.

Paper rack


This Paper rack looks simple and is easy to use, the great thing about it is that it has many compartments for the users to sort different type of documents and not mix them up.

It also uses a build-up way, this can save the user quite a bit of space so the paper that are stored on this paper rack can be stacked upwards too as there are different levels.


There isn’t much of a creativity in this one except, maybe the slight 30-40 Degree slant in the paper rack and putting a “stopper” like end so the paper doesn’t slide off.


Its made up of metal with some insulator like coating , the metal hanger type of material , It wouldn’t be able to withstand too much weight or the whole rack will be bent, but will still be usable even if that happens the only thing that might be a problem is that if it is bent , the amount of paper that may be slot in would be affected.


1)What is your gender?



2)What is your age range?

-18 to 21

-22 to 25

-26 to 30

-31 to 40

-40 and above

3)How often do you visit

– Daily

– Weekly

– Monthly

4)How would you rate this website based on your first impression?

– i am lost

– it takes time to find the information i need

– i can navigate easily


5)Which sections do you go to first?


-New arrivals

-Korea fashion

-H.K fashion

-Ladies bags/accessories



-Contact us

-Others(Please specify)

6)What kind of style of dressing are you interested in?

-Korean style

-H.K style

-Others(Please Specify)

7)Was the information given on each of the item sufficient?




8)What do you think of the payment method

-very bad




-very good

9)Which sections should we improve in?

Coin Bank(Product review)


The integrity of this product is that it gives the user a place to do have their tiny savings.


They made the old school porcelain “piggy bank” into a plastic piggybank, this makes it more durable


It is transparent so it lets the user track how full the coin bank is without having to shake or lift it up.

How would i use it

I actually have one of these, but in a different shape and color,  because i used to always store my coins in the cupboard whenever i am back home and it became messy so my friend got me one of these, however it was too small for me so i stopped using it.

Interview on Singapore Zoo


1) How many times have you been to the Singapore Zoo?

I have been there 3 times 2 when i was about 5 years old 3rd one was pretty recent
2)What left the deepest impression on you?

The recent one, i remember seeing the animals so close when taking the tram in the night safari.
3) What do you think of the food there?

I had my dinner before heading there.
4)The biggest flaw they have?

Auto play back of the audio-explanation made me think its lazy work no one around to ask questions
5)What do you think they could do about the flaw?

They should have a person on board the tram to explain things when people have questions.


1) How many times have you been to the Singapore Zoo?

Many times as a kid and only once when i knew what was actually happening
2)What left the deepest impression on you?

Ironically , its the one time when i was 5 or 6 , playing in the so called “pool” so i had to go home all drenched with a towel around me
3) What do you think of the food there?

The recent trip i went there , i had a plate of mixed veggie rice and the price was decent i think.

4)The biggest flaw they have?

The Show timing was not very obvious i didnt know when they had one
5)What do you think they could do about the flaw?

Install some board to display time i think ?


1) How many times have you been to the Singapore Zoo?

Been there twice
2)What left the deepest impression on you?

Deep impression? not really anything

3) What do you think of the food there?

the food there is common yet expensive, i’d rather eat outside.

4)The biggest flaw they have?

Not enough resting area in between stations

5)What do you think they could do about the flaw?

They need to add in more resting area

ScubaDriving anyone?


Allows users who aren’t divers to be able to stay and navigate under water for long period of time.


The Designer literally brought the land-scooter to the underwater world.


Users dont really have to worry aand included a compartment for the oxygen tank.bout breath as the designer took that into consideration


It helps the users with their Unicycle riding, for newbies the 2 metal poles with wheels act as a guide so that the rider does not fall easily.


People made similar things for the bicycle, why not the unicycle?  i take my hats off for this designer who came up with the idea, simple yet helpful.


Easy to install or remove, can be adjusted higher as the user gets better.

Folding Keyboard “Key Stick”

Fold keyboard


The designer of this product took Mobility as an aim when making this keyboard as it can be folded and kept into any normal-sized bag easily.


The inspiration for this keyboard was probably the japanese fan, as the designer mentioned that when folded, it looks like a japanese fan. Also the creativity of the product does not affect the funtionality of the product because when un-folded it is still a full-sized working keyboard(or Key Stick)

How i would use it

If i had this “Key Stick” maybe i would bring it to school or work because we all know , how many people get in contact with the keyboard at school no one knows how many of these people are not feeling well.