Lecture 2 Blog homework

What is browser-safe colour palatte/ web-safe colours?

It is a list(or palette) containing 216 colors that is safe to use on both MACs and PCs.

Using the browser-safe color palette can ensure  that if you have images  to be displayed , it will be safe across different platforms.

Is it relevant in today’s context? why?

No, the Graphics cards nowadays are running on minimum ” 16-bit” or “32-bit” while “8-bit” cards are rare . So it is safe to say that very few users are viewing the web in 256 colors.
However, there is no harm in using it if one wants to be safe.

What are the common font face found on pc and mac?

Arial ,  Arial Black , Courier New, Comic Sans MS, Georgia, Verdana and Webdings( i always wonder what could this font possibly be used for-.-)

What is page loading time and how it influence your design?

I think it is important to ensure that your website does not have sslloowwwwww loading time , because most people are impatient especially with waiting on a site loading.

Take me for example if i had to search for a certain thing that i need on GOOGLE and i click on one of the links BUT after maybe 30 seconds of waiting and its still not loaded up i would just click ” <-” arrow and click on the next search result.

HENCE, we should not have heavy designs on our website. Not that design isn’t important on a website but , limit yourself.

Read about webdesign process article and write what you think about it.

I personally think that the website is helpful, and easy to understand he did not use any jargons which i think is really great because people who are new to webdesign also have little to no troubles understanding it. 
He mentioned about the workflow and complete process of  webdesign, and i have come to a conclusion that , all designs need to have planning and rough sketches which i find is similar to what we have learnt in year one design process.


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