– 3 examples of passive, reactive & interactive in everyday life.

Passive: Dish washing, Painting the house, Cleaning the fan blade

Reactive: Being hit on the head,  Knocking into someone, Prank calls.

Interactive:Meetings, Phone chatting, price negotiation with shop owner.

– 3 examples of passive, reactive & interactive on the Net.

Passive:Doing reserch, Reading Emails, Reading news.

Reactive:Watching videos on Youtube, Playing games on facebook, Virus Alert.

Interactive:Instant messaging, Playing MMORPG, Surfing websites such as dontclick.it or yolk.com.sg

-Which aspect of each example is considered interactive?

All of the example listed under Interactive(Everydaylife or Net) are interactive.

Instant messaging for example, is interactive because you get feedback from your friend each time you do something , or the GREAT “NUDGE” button that everyone loves to use, that is also interactive as you click it , it shakes your chat window and does some ringing sound.

Websites such as dontclick.it is also interactive because things will happen when you try to click while using the website.

-Is there a varied degree of interactivity in each example?

Yes, there is. Each interactive activity has different levels of interactivity for example. We compare phone chatting to price negotiation with shop owner. 

In phone chatting , u can only speak thats only sound interaction. while in price negotiation , you can move your hands head or even feet while negotiating so in this case . Price negotiation is much more interactive thatn phone chatting.

-Photos / Screenshots



Picture taken from www.printactivities.com of being hit on the head.


Interactivity of www.dontclick.it


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