IMM Flowchart

Visit and break it into a information structure.


Visit .

Question: How to do the flowchart for this site? Is flow chart the best way?

Answer: I think its gonna take a 2 – 3 storey tall  by 3-4 storey wide paper (exaggeration intended) to do a flow chart for this site as it has up to 6 levels the flow chart would  be so wide and the person who tries to do it would have difficulties trying to.

However, i think a flow chart is still possible. Perheps split it up in to different categories and do a few flow charts like , ” Menu >View works >Artist ” let that  be 1 flow chart , then from there onwards u do a flow chart starting off from Artist .

Yes, maybe we will have to do more flowcharts and might be more work BUT i think it would be the best way to be organized instead of doing a whole flowchart and confused where you stopped.



Question: Do you need text to understand a story ? Is it better to read a book w/o text and have just pictures and sound?

Answer: I think without text , it lets the user’s imagination run wild, different people would have different levels of understanding the story and 2 people could be listening to it at the same time but would see the story in different ways.

However it was a new experience to me, to be reading a book like that interesting but maybe not the best way to tell a story.


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