Webdesign Week5 Lecture Homework

visit http://www.thisfashion.com.sg/

1. How do you find the site? (in 3 words)

Ans: Plain, Simple and Flat

2. Who do you think the site is created for?

Ans: I think it is mainly for female customers who are from singapore, probably age group around 18 to 35, as their the style of clothes range from stylish to mature-styled.

3. What are the good attributes of the site (in terms of usability,aesthetic issues, etc.)?

Ans: Its clickable links does not exceed “Level 2” so users does not need to click more than twice to be able to get the information they want.

4. What are the bad attributes of the site?


– The Design of the website is a bad attribute.
eg, The Color used for the words”This Fashion” does not represent the color they used for their shops, and i find it too “Distracting” and does not blend well with its yellow background.

– The numbers used for the stores, is hard to read. Using 1 uppercase and 1 lower case for each and every number, makes it hard for their users to read.


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