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Fruit Farm

This is taken in Australia during a school trip, one of the places we visited , this is their fruit farm. We got to see the orange “package” process.

I think its interactive because we could get to help the people there through out the whole process of it from picking to sorting.




This is also taken in Australia during a school trip,this one is f rom the Australia zoo and that huge thing is a Wombat.

We got to feed the wombat and touch it, really nice feeling , however only 1 or 2 of us had a chance to hold it and i wasnt one of the two .

Its the feeding part , really that is interactive the seeing how the wombat react when u try to feed it but its been 4 years now, i cant remember what we feed it.
Watch Interacting with a Monkey in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

This video was taken in march 2009 , during my trip to Vietnam at their so called theme park they had this section with many many animals. Fish , birds , snakes, bats, turtles etc.

So we were taking a video as we walk.

This is interactive to me because the monkeys came close to us when we were there before we were there , the monkeys were high up they climbed their way down as we moved closer cant show this for now as we are only allowed max of 30 seconds the actual video is about a minute or so.


Keywords: Cute,funny,scary and surprising


38 comments so far

  1. farida on

    Its a good learning experience for the orange farm and a fun interactive close-up session with a wombat.

  2. princeemo on

    OMG. Oranges!!! Australia!! It think this is your good experience because you can see how the oranges packaging process. Seldom got this chance to see this in SINGAPORE… anyway.. singapore don’t have anyway. haha

    keywords is adventure

  3. Qiqi on

    1. It’s a good experience as he was really enjoying seeing the process with the whole orange packing thing… I doubt one could really see how oranges are packed in this little red dot anyway and to think one could also HELP with the sorting and picking. This is like doubly fun.

    2. I guess seeing the thing doesn’t spoil the fun, but only less sensory since one couldn’t touch or poke the wombat. However, it seemed rather interesting and it’s a yes for a good experience.

    Keywords: Hands-on, Sensory, Fun, Interesting

  4. katsuge on

    to be able to go overseas and experience life is a very good experience. It looks very exciting and interesting to be able see a wombat in flesh.

    keywords – foreign

  5. bluestarr91 on

    Hello. Good experiences! Being able to see the packaging of the oranges and touching of the wombats. Not a thing you do everyday(: This is fun!

    -Joei! 😀

  6. classicalspot on

    wow.. oranges sure look juicy..
    I think it is a great opportunity to be able to see the packaging of the oranges since the opportunity in singpore is zero.

    yeah! i agree that it would be a great feeling to be able to touch the wombat, especially since not many of us have the opportunity to do so. It would be a memorable experience!

    keywords: fun

  7. Wenny Budiwanto on

    I think these experiences that you have are all memorable and interesting =) For an example, everytime you eat orange, you will be able to recall what you saw last time in the fruit industry, showing how they make the package=)

    As for the wombat, it is a “BIG RAT” to me. It must be exciting to see your friends feeding the wombat. However, I am a little disagree that you to put this as one of your experiences. This may because you did not interact with the wombat yourself.

  8. Jonathan on

    The first experience is interactive because it is not a common thing to attend a field trip and that we can see something that is new and refreshing. The packaging of orange is only available in special places and we will be able to discuss with friends when we view the process.
    This applies the same to the wombats in Australlia too.


  9. shing on

    Interesting schooltrip mannn. Defintely a eye opening experience to you because it is memorable for you. It’s also the first time I heard that schools organises schooltrips to factories to see how they run and work.

    About the video, IT’S ADORABLE. You were defintetly interacting with the wombat, what’s with the tongue sound thing? You were teasing and playing with it right? Super duper cute and interesting experience for yours!

  10. beautifuldawnlover on

    hi kwokie! 😀

    omgosh, your aussie trip sounds like a fruitful one! (get the joke? okay nvm. lol xD)
    but wow, orange picking & packaging? what an experience!
    the involvement of communication & interaction between workers must be there in order for the packaging process to be success.

    oh & i love wombats!
    had a pet toy with me since my last trip to aussie when i was a toddler. =/
    but the pet & feel section is the most loved corner of the zoo! (for me, personally)
    you get to interact with the animal & fondle them and bask in the joy they exude. 😀

    the nature hike in vietnam sounds so dangerous!
    what with the monkeys nearing their gap between you guys. o.o
    haha but fun nevertheless.. animals to view & interact with!

    Michelle ❤

  11. jocelynseow on

    1) It looks educational. I have never been to a fruit farm before, and reading your short description has piqued my interest in going to one.

    2) I like it when animals aren’t afraid to interact with humans. The learning experience you receive is something that can’t be learnt off any book. You learn things up close and you see for yourself how their behavioural habits.

  12. twsjanice on

    Woah. Package oranges uh! Sounds and seems cool.

    As for the second experience, its a good experience as you get to touch and feed the wombat! (though i will never go and touch the wombat even i’ve the chance) Great interaction with the wombat!

  13. DjTeddySpin on

    Oh cute! When I first saw that wombat thingy I went: “WHO’S THAT POKEMON!”

  14. nantha on

    I love animals..
    I think its a unique and good experiece to come across a wombat.
    Such animals should be well protected if anything are going to be a threat to them

  15. sam on

    nice experience. most people love to go overseas, so obviously this will be memorable for you. interesting to see how fruits get packed and washed. nice.

  16. zinkzonk on

    that must have been really fun, going overseas with your friends, it will be something that you you won’t forget. really fun , seeing how fruits are being packed and all, and the zoo part looks fun, it must have been a really really good experience for you.

  17. paperdrool on

    wow, that wombat is sure huge man LOL, and so fluffy o 3o
    being able to go overseas and learn new stuffs is great, like taking a look at how Aus. pack their oranges, and able to feed the wombat, i never had the chance yet to try that
    you sure must have enjoyed your time with your friends in the overseas trip :D!and learn many new things over there 😀
    i find that a good experience is something that you’ll remember at the end of the day, you going hoem happily and felt sweet 😀

    fun, educational

  18. kavehu on

    wow! I think both the experience on the Farm and the zoo is definitely fun! It looks exciting! I wanna go tooo =D I am sure you would have learn alot of new things from that trip. i am sure you have a memorable trip afterall =D

    Keyword: Learn new things, fun, exciting, memorable

  19. Zhan Hui on

    Hey Leong, I think yours is really a very cool experience. The oranges looks very delicious to me in the pictures haha. I really hope to visit australis one day when I can. Going overseas and learn something is defnitely a good experiences. I will use special and enjoying to say about your experience. Keep up the good work.

    Zhan Hui

  20. huangxuewen on

    I’m sure seeing the whole process for the orange packaging must be a great experience for you kwowleong !Its like the orange we eat in our everyday life going through so many procedure before it finally reaches our hands. And the wombat ! even though i have no idea at all what is that but it sure look damn luffy ,makes me feel like grabbing it and touch it for the whole day! But aiya ,so wasted that you didnt get to touch it 😦
    Anyway ,very cool experience you have there ! Really a once-in-a-lifetime experience !

    Keyword – Once in a lifetime ,Memorable

  21. limmyfied on

    omg,going to australia for a school trip is freaking COOL.
    and its gonna be wayyyyy experiencing for me.
    weather or not its a good ,average or a bad one.
    Anyway,its memorble for you to experiece the difference between the 2 different country and its of couse memorable to be there with friends,having fun and at the same time,gain something new~

  22. edwiana on

    heyyyy . Australia seem fun =D and the wombat looks so cute la !! Like some giant pig dog animal. hahahs . i also wanna carry !!!

    Keywords, fun and memorable

  23. xia0meii on

    Wow…. A school trip at Australia. It must have been a very memorable experience going there with your friends and experiencing new things.
    The monkey looks really cute, the monkey help you to clean your camera after taking videos of it.

  24. nahuiyu on

    nice trip in Australia,you should learn a lot of things ba,good experience and i think you know about what is primary industry right now,hehe:)

  25. markerseen on


    Eh! I went to that farm for my school trip too. Was it at Perth? It was really fun ’cause we get to interact with the wild. Most importantly, you get to go with your friends! Noiceeeeeee.

    All the good memories…

    Keyword: Memorable, fun, interactive

  26. Junxiang on

    nice experience here. overseas school trip are fun! must be memorable for you. HAHA!

    keywords: overseas, first time, memorable

  27. leongwanxin on

    wow. It’s sure is a fun experience. You are able to see the process of packaging the orange. Even though you are not chosen to carry the Wombat, you still got to see one. That is so fun. Way to go man.

  28. yume90 on

    Countryside is nice. You get to relax there for a change from the busy Singapore. Being able to participate in farm activities can create lots of good experiences which often cannot be done in Singapore. Where there is not enough land for those activities. Even if there were any, it’d be quite artificial due to space constraints.

    Keywords: variety, opportunity and rare

  29. veronicavalentina on

    Hi Kwok Leong!

    It’s a rare opportunity to go for a overseas learning trip with your classmates. I would say is something new to you in the whole process of packaging the oranges in the farm house. The trip to the Australia Zoo is something you learn outside the book and it’s a fun experience.

    New and rare learning experience & Fun

    – Veron

  30. huiwenmagic on

    woo! australia! it must be a nice place! i think you have fun with that wombat. ;D

  31. Hazel on

    Hey Kwok Leong! 😀

    Nice experiences in Australia dude! Being in the shoes of one of those workers on the orange farm is surely fun yet enriching. You get to learn about the process and do it hands-on too. Niicce! And the wombat experience is great too, as you don’t get to experience this in Singapore. 😀

  32. jwmai on

    Being able to see the packaging of the oranges and touching of the wombats. Not a thing you do everyday!
    i think the keywords to describe this good experience are “fun”, “excite” and “memorable”.

  33. -xiaomin - on

    I also want go Australia! hahas
    I think its pretty cool to see the process of those cleaning / waxing of oranges. Its not something that you can experience easily in singapore? & the wombat, Is it really nice to touch? haha, looks cubby and nice to hug 😀

    keywords: Fun, memorable, interaction with people over there.

  34. FadhilJay_Jest on

    MEI YO MAO!!!! hehehe

    I’ve always wanna travel too Australia.
    Oh well. What a huge Wombat!
    It looks like a cat to me!
    I guess its cool to see those oranges in those industry. I bet you took some for tasting huh!? hehe…must be real juicy. Good experience nonetheless.

    Keyword; Memorable, fun, Cuddly wombat!

    P.S. Next time you go back vietnam, I want souvenier!!…LOL! 🙂

  35. praveenchandru on

    wow! this is such a cool and a memorable experience trip to Aussie i guess?
    What a huge wombat?!! first impression was like a “CAT” to me! haha

    anway, good learning experience and for the orange farm it’s a interesting and fun interactive close-up session with a wombat..

  36. muhammadKhairul on

    Cool experience. The oranges there surely will be abit different than what you see in SG. And of course, you learned how they are wash there. The process before you eat the oren.

    Keywords| Learning.

  37. Guanwei on

    I think going overseas, are like best experiences, not good ones, it lets you go over to a whole new environment and experience a whole new thing 😀


  38. nowfall on

    Exploring new places and learning new things(culture, wildlife and etc) is a good experience. not many people are given an opportunity like this. You are very lucky…hahaha. I never even been to any school overseas trip before.

    Keywords: exploring, lucky,

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