Lesson 2 – Exercise ( AMK FairPrice Xtra On-site )

In this exercise we went to FairPrice at AMK a HUUUGEEE supermarket , pretty huge i would say , you can find things from groceries , to electronics or even bed sheets.

So we used a few methods for it, ” Fly on the wall, Shadowing and A day in the life


What i’ve Learnt


I have learnt that although it is not right to open up nicely wrapped products, it is partially FairPrice’s fault as they had no display sets for some of the electronic stuff for shoppers to see/ touch.

Tactical shopping and queueing helps reduce hassels in queues and squeezing around with others all the time (while pushing the BIG bulky trolley)

People who pay with card are generally those who buy more, while those who pay cash are those who buys lesser stuff ( express lanes) how ever there are still some who pays with card at the express lanes


What i feel, (Insights)


I think FairPrice should include display sets for their electronic stuff, especially the more expensive ones, this way shoppers acn at least see how it looks in real, and not  having to decide if they shouly purchase it from just a pictorial representation of that particular product.

We are also moving in to a more card-based payment world, (CEPAS for example) i think it is not really a good idea to take out cash payment(if anyone’s ever planning to) because there are people who only buy 1 or 2 items even at the supermarket and uses cash , what if we have only cash and no card?


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