Designer’s Festival 2009

So i went to the Designer’s Festival 2009, the theme this year is , “design for the future” or something , basically its about making and designing things for the future.

There were really great designs, i saw really great desk designs(yea i know , ultimate desk was probably from there) .

So, main objective of going there was supposed to be looking at existing probe packages , however i only saw 1 that was related, maybe i couldn’t find the relation.

STILL! it wasn’t a disappointment, there was this exhibit that was about home furniture , there was this really nice looking chair looks simple , but it really makes people want to fall asleep because the chair is really comfortable.

But the bad side is that , that are certain exhibit that was too abstract so i couldn’t really get it but i would definitely come again next year, it gives me more exposure and inspiration on creating things / work as a designer .


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