Probe Package – Results

So we gave out some probe package to the fresh foreigners that have been in Singapore for lesser than 3 years.

What we made them do: In the probe package , we gave them an activity to window shop in Best Denki @ Plaza Singapura. They had to walk through it , and list down three things

ONE – Products that they have a liking to, and is affordable for them
TWO – Products that are too expensive
THREE – Products that are cheap , and is a good buy

From the results, we found out that,
– Even as a foreigner being here for such a short time, they have mostly adapted to our high standard of living
– Some of them, mostly the fresher ones aren’t adapted to the high standard of living yet
– Those who were here for more than a year, have mostly gotten used to it.
– Students did not have their own source of income , which means they had to rely on their own parents mostly. However in their perspective, Standard of living is high, to them

After meeting up with them , we also got some feedback from them after receiving back the probe package.

– a High number of people said that singapore’s travelling expenses is very high
– Those from poorer countries before or are not from a well to do family is having a hard time coping up in the monetary aspect.


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