1)What is your gender?



2)What is your age range?

-18 to 21

-22 to 25

-26 to 30

-31 to 40

-40 and above

3)How often do you visit

– Daily

– Weekly

– Monthly

4)How would you rate this website based on your first impression?

– i am lost

– it takes time to find the information i need

– i can navigate easily


5)Which sections do you go to first?


-New arrivals

-Korea fashion

-H.K fashion

-Ladies bags/accessories



-Contact us

-Others(Please specify)

6)What kind of style of dressing are you interested in?

-Korean style

-H.K style

-Others(Please Specify)

7)Was the information given on each of the item sufficient?




8)What do you think of the payment method

-very bad




-very good

9)Which sections should we improve in?


1 comment so far

  1. che yok on

    Q 3. Should include option for first time visit.
    Q4. If you ask them to rate this site, you should give them a rating scale. For such options, I will change the question to “which of the following describe your experience on the site” so the user can check a few things and also provide “Other comments”.

    The payment method question is interesting but would like you to have a follow-up question asking them how they would like to pay and suggest a few options i.e. Paypal, cheque, credit card etc…

    YOu can also add in a question before to gauge how much they are willing to spend. I.e. Less than S$50, S$50-S$100, 100-200 etc…

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