Paper rack


This Paper rack looks simple and is easy to use, the great thing about it is that it has many compartments for the users to sort different type of documents and not mix them up.

It also uses a build-up way, this can save the user quite a bit of space so the paper that are stored on this paper rack can be stacked upwards too as there are different levels.


There isn’t much of a creativity in this one except, maybe the slight 30-40 Degree slant in the paper rack and putting a “stopper” like end so the paper doesn’t slide off.


Its made up of metal with some insulator like coating , the metal hanger type of material , It wouldn’t be able to withstand too much weight or the whole rack will be bent, but will still be usable even if that happens the only thing that might be a problem is that if it is bent , the amount of paper that may be slot in would be affected.


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